Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Plum District: discount movie tickets through fandango (6/29 only!)

Plum District is another one of those deal a day sites, and while it's not really up and running for the Seattle area just yet- today's steal is certainly one worth buying if you're planning a trip to the movies anytime soon (and yes, it'll work at any participating theater nation-wide)!

For a limited time today only, you can buy up to 2 movie ticket codes for only $6 each- these can be used through Fandango to buy tickets (worth up to $12). I'd check with Fandango first to make sure a theater near you will work (simply look up theaters near you and click the "Fandango Ticketing Theaters" button)- I haven't seen an area yet where it doesn't but you never know. Depending on how much tickets cost in your area, you could be saving 50% on your movie ticket. The codes are good through October 31st so you'll have plenty of time to use them. Enjoy!

Fandango does charge a convenience fee, so if the cost of your ticket and the fee are more than $12- you'll have to pay a little bit extra when you do redeem your code. However, this is still a great deal (and one I'd be jumping on myself if we went to movies as often as we used to, or if we didn't already have a few free movie passes from the recent kellogg's promos). Note: Most people are receiving their codes within 10-15 minutes, so be sure to check your email spam folder just in case you don't see yours shortly after purchasing. You should also be able to find your codes on the Plum District site by clicking the "My Account" button in the upper right corner and then "My Deals" on the right side toolbar. Thanks SD!

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