Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Safeway Trip: FREE Tofu

$5.24 spent, $21.03 saved (80%)
I decided to make a quick Safeway run tonight to take advantage of the "Buy 8, save $4" promo this week. We needed a couple more things for our upcoming camping trip and it was nice to see them included. Here's what I bought (original price listed includes $0.50 discount per item for buying as part of the promo):
  • Safeway hot dog buns $0.50 (not part of the buy 8 promo)
  • Cheerios $1.49 (minus ecoupon and half a $1/2 GM cereal) $0.44
  • Trix $1.49 (minus ecoupons and half the GM q) -$0.11
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch $1.99 (minus ecoupon and half a GM q) $0.94
  • Lucky Charms $1.99 (minus ecoupon and half a GM q) $0.94
  • Hefty bowls $1.00
  • O Organics Extra Firm Tofu $0.99 (minus $1 O Organics q) FREE
  • Kraft Cheesy Explosion $0.75 (used FREE item q, took off the full $1.25) -$0.50
  • Ballpark Angus franks $2.49 (minus $0.55 q) $1.94

The cereal didn't work out to be as cheap as I like, but they're some of the husband's favorites and will give him a nice break from the massive amounts of Post brand cereal he's been eating. Likewise, the hotdogs weren't super cheap but it's the brand I like and the husband really wanted some for the trip. The $1/2 General Mills cereal coupons came from the recent Shrek booklet (no longer in stores). Even if you don't buy it as part of the 8, the Tofu is only $1.49 or $0.49 after the O Organics coupon. This is not something I usually buy (I'm planning ahead for my vegan sister's visit in a few months) but it seems like a great price, especially since it's usually $2.49. That alone nets you an 80% savings!

One important thing to keep in mind when planning your trip is that you don't need to buy in sets of 8. As long as you have 8 or more items in one transaction, you'll get the $0.50 discount per item. Frugal Living NW has a really great matchup posted for this deal. Likewise, the Krazy Coupon Lady has an easy scenario using a combination of ecoupons and printable coupons that will net you 8 items for less than $5! Even if you don't follow that plan exactly, it's a great starting point for an easy deal.


  1. haha I just found your site.. i like how you mentioned the tofu.. good find! lol. Nice site, i bookmarked it now!

  2. I just clicked over from Frugal Living and am totally thrilled that you mentioned the Kraft Cheesy Explosion. I wasn't going to go to Safeway this week b/c I just couldn't come up with eight items I really wanted, but having a free item helps. :)

  3. That awesome about the tofu! I've been looking all over my Safeway and still have yet to find any O Organics coupons.

  4. Heather- try asking at the pharmacy, it's the only place I've seen them around. One of my stores actually keeps them inside the window so if you don't ask you'd never get one. hope that helps you some!

  5. In the pharmacy? Huh, that's funny I never would have guessed there. I will try that, thanks Maygan!