Wednesday, June 9, 2010

HOT deal on Milk at Safeway

Update 6/14: From most reports this deal seems to be over, hope you got in on time!
Safeway seems to be the place to be! After the exciting new changes to their coupon policy (and YES! I've already heard success stories from people using RR at Safeway- SOOO exciting!) I announced this morning- I was thrilled to find this AMAZING deal on milk.

Smart Balance Fat Free Milk $3.99
Yes, it's expensive- but see that coupon at the bottom of the photo? That's a catalina for a FREE carton of Smart Balance milk (up to $3.99), it printed when I bought my first carton along with a $2 off 2 cartons coupon. Then when I bought the second carton, I got another FREE carton catalina! Even better, it didn't stop there- each time I bought another entirely free carton, I got back another free coupon.

Sure, it's Fat Free, but I've heard from several people that the added vitamins make the fat free variety have the same consistency as 2%. That's what we normally drink, so this was perfect. I do not know how long the FREE milk catalina will be working, so I suggest RUNNING to your store to take advantage of this deal. There have been a ton of coupons for this recently, ranging from $0.75 to $2 which will help cut your out-of-pocket on your initial purchase if you have them.

One more quick note on this: I have heard but have not confirmed for myself that buying the Smart Balance Butter or Peanut Butter also produce the FREE milk catalina. If you want/need either, you may look into starting off with either of those items.


  1. May I ask how long the Free Coupons are good for?? Also, where did you get the coupons you mentioned that you could put towards the first purchase? I cannot seem to find any. Thank you.

  2. The expiration date on the cat is two weeks from today (so 'til the 23rd). The $0.75 was a blinkie out sometime ago, there was a $1.50 in an insert from May (not sure of the exact date), and the $2 is from this upcoming weekend's RP (some people get these in the mail on wednesday).

  3. anyone in ft worth tx need not try the milk promo at Tom Thumb stores on Bryant Irvin and Bellaire....they are completely unfriendly to couponers' purchasing multiple items.

  4. Just a kuddos to the Safeway in SeaTac, WA - I tried this but the catalina printer was broken so the manager gave me $4 in cash back just based on my word that this was supposed to print. I AM a regular but still, I thought this was cool. I plan on getting more milk today.