Wednesday, June 9, 2010

NEW Safeway Coupon Acceptance Policy

I know, I seems like not that long ago they updated it, and now it's being updated again. Of course, there were some GREAT changes made that I'm excited to share with you all. You can read the full policy on Safeway's website (and you may want to print a copy). Here are a few highlights:

8. Safeway will accept valid manufacturer coupons that display another retailer’s logo or name. No more stress about the manufacturer coupon you clipped from an Albertson's ad not being accepted because it has the store logo on it? Fantastic!

9. Safeway will accept valid Catalina manufacturer coupons that are issued to a customer by another retailer. This one is really exciting for me, because now I know I can use catalina coupons from anywhere at Safeway! I'm also curious to see if RR from Walgreens will be accepted, seeing as how it is a manufacturer's coupon- can you imagine the potential here??

16. We gladly accept internet printed coupons. The same manufacturer and store coupon rules above apply to all internet printed coupons. Remember that silly rule none of use really understood about Internet coupons worth 50% of an item not being acceptable? It's GONE!

And the less exciting stuff? Well, it's there too:

28. Rainchecks can be written for a limit of no more than 3 items unless otherwise stated in the advertisement. Not great news if you're hoping to take advantage of one of Safeway's "Buy X amount, Save X amount" promos and they won't write the raincheck for enough items to get the promo price. Especially since at my stores, those are the deals that usually sell out to the point where you need a raincheck. Although that may be a case where they make an exception.

There's also a bit about not allowing the "stacking" of ecoupons with manufacturer coupons, although the policy seems to limit that rule to Hawaii. It seems odd that they would apply that rule to one state only, and even more so in light of a recent post I read at Coupon Connections NW.

If you have questions about these or any of the other changes to the Safeway policy, feel free to leave me a comment and I'll be happy to try to help you out. I'm also going to be looking into rule #9 because I would LOVE to be able to use my RR somewhere besides Walgreens (especially when they start building up). If you hear any confirmed reports of this before I do, please let me know!


  1. Woo-hoo! Thank you for this, it will help clear up things. I always like to have a printed policy with me. I'm super excited to know if they'll accept RR from Wags. That would make me so unbelievably excited!!

  2. Thanks Maygan! I dug around after your comment and found it on there facebook page too! But couldn't of done it without you :)

  3. I find the new Catalina policy very cool! Thanks so much for sharing.