Friday, June 25, 2010

Walgreens trip tonight

$2.67 spent, $15.50 saved (85%)
The husband was bummed when he realized we were down to nothing but Smart Balance milk this morning so I figured I'd better run into Walgreens today (the only place I know of offhand with $1.99/gallon milk this week). I had $10 in RR from previous weeks so I thought I'd just use it up on cheap toilet paper so I wouldn't have to worry about heading back in before Sunday. Luckily, I spotted a few bars of Neutrogena soap in stock! Here's what I bought:
  • 2 Gallons on milk $1.99/ea = $3.98
  • 12 big rolls toilet paper $5 (minus $1 coupon in the monthly booklet) = $4
  • 3 Bars Neutrogena @ 2.69 ea (used three $1.50 coupons) = $3.47
  • tax was only $1.12 and I paid using the $10 in RR I had
  • I earned $10RR for buying 3 Neutrogena products (this deal ends on Saturday!) making net cost and out-of-pocket cost the same (and not too shabby for the 2 gallons of milk we needed anyways)

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