Monday, September 14, 2009

$5 Luvs coupon tomorrow!

Starting tomorrow morning, Luvs will have the chance to sign up for $5 coupons on their website! This is a great high-value coupon that will probably go pretty quickly. To save time tomorrow, you may want to pop over and register on their site today. Thanks Luvs!

*edit* When you fill in your information, there's a blue checkbox on the upper right hand part of the screen. Makes sure you click to sign up for the $5 coupon- it looks like they'll be mailing them out.

We've used a lot of Luv's diapers, because they do work well and are cheap. I was recently also very pleasantly surprised at the great level of customer service they provide. I contacted them to let them know I was slightly disappointed that the size 5's didn't seem to be absorbent enough overnight (we always use 'sposies for bedtime) for my toddler but that the next size up looked way too big. I also told them that with 2 boys in diapers, I love the value I get when buying their brand. The sent me a really nice letter mentioning details on how to tell when to size up, letting me know about their no-leak guarantee money back offer, and a promise that I'd be getting coupons in the mail. When I got the envelope from them, I was shocked to see $30 of coupons from them- yes $30 in coupons! I certainly love Luvs!!

p.s. the random baby generator makes some scary babies! Look at the cute one I got after about 7 tries!

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  1. Oh, how funny! It looks like a little smurf wanna-be!

    Good for Luvs!