Saturday, September 19, 2009

groceries this morning: Walgreens and Albies!

$2.39 spent, $9 saved
(2 gallons milk, not pictured)

Walgreens was a combination we need milk, I have RR about to expire, and I don't need anything else from there this week. I used my $5 RR and $0.96 to buy 2 gallons of milk and the peanuts pictured above. At Albies, the carrots were free after WH coupon and doubler. I used two $.50 and two doublers to get the cans of Del Monte corn for $.29 each (they were marked down). The zucchini was $.86 and a treat for the toddler for helping us clean house today (yes, zucchini makes a good treat!). I spent $1.43 after everything at Albies, but I got another $2 receipt survey so that was nice!

You might wonder what we've been eating lately. I've been doing a lot of meals from the stockpile this week and we've had quite a few meals at other people's houses (it's been a very busy week). We did eat lunch out yesterday, bourbon chicken at the mall is always yummy! It was kind of thrifty too, because at the Cajun Grill for only $.99 more you can get double meat for your meal and it ends up being enough to feed all of us.

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  1. Does your toddler eat the zucchini raw or do you cook it or what?