Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Milk & trash bags: Safeway trip

$8.86 spent, $25.75 saved (76%)
This was a good Safeway trip! I bought 2 gallons of milk ($1.99 each), 2 boxes of trash bags ($7.99 each, with a buy one get one free sale), and more nut clusters. I used two $1.60 coupons and two $1 coupons. Somehow the Nature Valley granola bar (I think?) e-coupons I had loaded came off for these and between that and my 10% discount- the overage was enough to cover all but $0.18 of my milk. I was surprised, but it was a nice surprise!

I also stopped by Target for diapers (we like cloth, but we use disposables for nighttime) and used a $5 coupon Luvs sent me to get a jumbo pack for $3.13. Not as great as the Huggies deal going on at Rite Aif this week but I'm a little bit too disorganized at the moment to tackle that one (It'd be nice to get in on it later this week though!).

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