Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm a freebie addict- my second Albies run today!

$4.57 spent, $34.02 saved
I did two transactions, one with 2 spray Lysols and the Wild Harvest Lamb that cost $0.92 cents after all coupons and doublers. I goofed up the second transaction because I had one $3 coupon I thought was still good but it had expired in July (oops! I honestly thought that 7 was a 9- yikes!) so my total was $3.65 instead of $0.65 but that's okay. I used a $5 catalina to pay and had coupons for everything else...it was still a good transaction (especially since I was craving chocolate and the grand total was LESS than the watermelon by itself). Albertsons, I think I'm in love with you!


  1. You are so funny! I count my deal shopping as entertainment as well. It's a good kind of crazy, if you want to save a bunch of money you've got to get weird about it! :)

  2. Jane, I call it my hobby sometimes. It really can be fun, and the deals were so nice yesterday!

  3. Good job! I love stopping over to see what good deals you have written about.

  4. Wow - you did so well! You are addicted! :) I'm bummed I had to miss it - had 9 doublers that went to waste b/c Ben got home from work too late and I was too sick to make it. Argh! And missed my VS panties to boot! Hate missing the deals! Let's hope Albies keeps up w/the doublers - love it!

  5. lol- you should see my mom's haul! I think she's got enough lamb to last her until the end of the year. I only bought one pack because the husband likes it (I'll have to eat steak or something else) but the rest of the deals were fun!