Monday, September 28, 2009

free hashbrowns & cheap juice: Albies

$5.37 spent, $34.54 saved!
My mom and I headed to Albies this afternoon to see what deals we could find and because we both needed chocolate syrup and that coupon was about to expire! We got all the items pictured above in 4 transactions (we did 2 each). Here's how we did this:

Transactions 1 & 2:
  • 3 Reser's fresh hashbrowns, on sale $2.00 each
  • used three $1 any Reser's product tearpads (found at Fred Meyers)
  • used three doublers to make them FREE!

Transaction 3:

  • 3 Juicy Juice packs, on sale $2 each
  • used three $0.75 coupons
  • used three doublers
  • paid $1.50, got back a $1 catalina for purchasing 3

Transaction 4:

  • 2 bottles Hershey's Syrup $2.69 each
  • 2 cups Campbells Soup at hand $1 each
  • Reser's Tortillas $2.69
  • Peat Pots clearanced to $0.74
  • used $1 off 2 Hershey's coupon
  • used $1 off 2 Campbells SAH coupon
  • used $1 off any Reser's product coupon
  • used three doublers and the $1 catalina from transaction 3
  • paid $3.87
All in all, this was a pretty neat trip, I got a few things I really needed and found a fun freebie. I also found the Buy 1 Get 1 Free Dentyne blinkies which will be good at Fred Meyers this week (in the coffee aisle if you're looking).

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  1. Great Shopping! Great find and use on the Reser's coupon! I was at Safeway this morning and found the Dentyne coupons in the coffee isle too! I grabbed a few hoping for a B1G1 FREE sale. Unfortunately we don't have a Fred Mayer near by!