Thursday, September 17, 2009

My J&J run at Rite-Aid

I had been wanting to get out and do this deal, but haven't made it out much this week. I did manage to get out for a bit today and bought my 5 items for $11.24... but I'll get back $10 in rebates, making this:
$1.24 (after I get the rebate, of course!)
That's a savings of $22.50! I'm pretty happy about this, because we use a lot of J&J products. I have plenty of baby wash, but the lotion will be really nice. Also, it might sound silly, but I love the bedtime bath for myself. It smells so nice and it works like a charm (on me that is. I tried it when toddler was a baby and it just made him angry.). I'll be entering this receipt into the Gift of Savings dealie as well, which makes it a little bit extra sweet!

Want to do this deal and don't have enough $1 coupons? I spotted $1 peelies on some products (mostly the leave-in conditioner) at my store today, but left them there since I had enough coupons to get what I wanted. You might want to hurry though.


  1. Yay! I did this deal yesterday. It was my first go around with SCR's. I don't know why but I've never been big into Rite Aid, but I couldn't pass up free baby lotion. I paid $17.32 out of pocket, but will get $15 back in SCR's plus it sent towards the Gift of Savings deal.
    BTW, I am curious. What city in Washington do you live in? I am from Fife. =)

  2. Keana, I'm glad you got in on the deal too! The SCR's are so easy, it's amazing. You can even use the check like cash in-store if you don't feel like depsoiting it and they'll give you cash back. I'm over in the bremerton area.