Thursday, September 10, 2009

ONWeekly Thursday

It's Thursday, and I'm hanging out at ThrftyNWMom's chat plus keeping an eye on the ONWeekly page. Feel free to whistle at me (typing maygan will make my computer whistle at me) if you pop over there too! Last Thursday at my house was a disaster of epic proportions in a special toddler-inspired other words I got nothing done, but a few spots of the house got some extra special love in the form of scrub downs. My to-do list today includes:
  • Yoga with the toddler (to calm him and stretch my back)
  • serious workout time 45 minutes of ddr on a too-high level
  • washing a couple loads of laundry
  • unloading, loading, and running the dishwasher
  • finding something to make with the mysterious "probably just like summersquash" squash
  • making up my menu for next week (I've been winging it this week)
  • finding a good recipe for poppyseed muffins (not lemony! or anything with frosting!) think i found a good one!
  • a walk to the Post Office to pick up one of those flat-rate shipping boxes. postponed until tomorrow!
  • and maybe trying to find info on that chiropractor (or someone!) who has a special thing for people on our insurance plan. My back has been killing me (in the form of constant dull pain) for over a week now and I think I need to do something about it.


  1. You have gotten quite a bit done. It seems like a never ending battle when you have a little one. I still feel that way and I have a 13yr old and a 17yr old. Will it ever end?

  2. did you know that the post office will deliver those flatrate boxes to you free of charge? We ship a lot so we have a nice little collection going on at our house.

  3. SonyaAnn, thanks. It doesn't feel like much...I think I need a baby-free day to catch up on everything!

    Keana, would you believe I didn't know that? I actually don't live too far from the PO (plus, our mailman hates us) so a walk isn't so bad. I need the exercise!

  4. I think our mailman hates us too. It must be a Puget Sound thing. =)

    It is almost impossible for me to go to the post office with my 2 year old son. The lines are always long and customer service is far from great. Lately I have been scheduling pick ups (which are free too and saves on gas!) At times I do pick up a couple of extra boxes to have on hand. That way I can put it all together at home, pay for it online, and then if need be, take it to the post office.

  5. You are so sweet! Thanks for posting a comment on my test blog..I told my husband that YAY! Someone A Comment! My bloggy pals DO care! :)