Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Albertsons preview 9/9-9/15

A big thank you to adawn and Superbob for the sneak peeks this week. Here's the weekly ad and the preview of doublers this weekend. Of course, I'll probably be waiting until Sunday or later to do my coupon shopping- but it's nice to be able to plan. Here's what I see so far:
  • Rice Krispies are $1.88, use the $1 vocalpoint coupons and a doubler to get it free
  • Wild Harvest organic eggs are $2.99, after $1 WH printable and doubler it's $0.99 (quite a few other WH items are $2 and under usually)
  • Almond accents $2.99, use $1 tearpad coupon and doubler to make these $0.99
  • Ken's Dressing $2, use the $2 coupon and doubler= free
  • Palmolive $1.50, use a $ printable (not available to all zip codes) and doubler to get it free
  • M&M ice cream bars $3.49, use $1 insert coupon and doubler to make them $1.49
  • Quaker chewy granola bars are 3/$5. buy 6, using three $1 off 2 printables (need 2 computers) and 3 doublers to get 6 boxes for $4. That's $0.67/box.
  • You can find Jane at AllTogetherBeautiful's list here.

It's a great week if you like Kashi! You'll save $4 instantly when you buy 4 select items in one transaction. The participating items I see with their pre-discount prices (and their coupons) include:

So, if you bought 1 Go Lean Crunch cereal and 3 snack bars (2 being the chewy granola type) your total would be $11.25-$4 instant gets you to $7.25. Use one $1 peelie, one $1.50 snack wyb GoLean Crunch, your $1/2, plus 2 doublers- you'd pay $1.75. (and since you can print each coupon twice, you could do this transaction 2 times). If you could find 4 cereals with $1 peelies attached, you'd pay only $1 after using three doublers. That's a good price if you like Kashi!

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