Friday, September 18, 2009

Lots of soup: my Albies Run today

$6.68 spent, $44.60 saved
...and I got a $5 catalina in return!!
I did 2 transactions this morning. In the first, I bought 30 cans of soup (tomato and chicken noodle) and almost 2lbs of grapes. I paid $6.68 after using a variety of $1 off 2 cooking soup printables, $.40 of 2 insert coupons, and a set of doublers. I got back a $5 catalina (for having spent $15 before coupons on Campbells products). The second transaction was the 4 boxes of Wheat thins for $10 before any discounts. The promo took off $3, I used four $1 Wheat Thins printables, and three doublers to get them all for free. This will make for some easy lunches this fall!


  1. Wow, that is a lot of soup! Wish we liked Tomato and Chicken Noodle Soup. Just not big fans of it. I got a couple, but that was it. But, definitely going to have to get the Wheat Thins later today!

    Did you see Safeway has a good deal going on Nature Valley Nut Clusters??

  2. Jen, thanks for stopping by! We don't eat a lot of tomato soup, but I do like it for dipping grilled cheese on rainy fall days. I'm hoping the toddler will like chicken noodle, I know I loved it when I was a kid. If not, we'll donate most of it. For less than $2, I'm willing to take a chance and see. (It might also work as backup chicken stock once drained, right?).

    I did see the nut cluster deal! I got a ton of $1.60 coupons from Pssst so I sent my mom to do the deal. I'll probably try to hit Safeway either monday or Tuesday to do mine, did you make it over there yet?

  3. Love it! I did the soup deal this week and purchased 30. I don't think I've ever purchased that much soup in one run! I felt kinda silly about it, but what a great deal!!
    I was so tired that I didn't get a picture of mine, glad you got one of yours.
    Krazy Coupon Lady has some great recipes up this week for the tomato soup. Looks like some great ideas!

  4. Thanks for the heads up on the recipes Jane! I've never purchased so much, but the girl checking me out was completely unphased by it which was nice