Saturday, September 26, 2009

Milk and cookies: my really fun Albies trip!

We go through a lot of milk around here, on average we'll use about 2-3 gallons a week so I was really excited about this deal! I was inspired by AThriftyMom's combination earlier this week of milk and cookies, so I set out to do the same, and here it is:

$0.54 spent, $50.80 saved!

Hostess donettes $0.79 (my impulse purchase filler)
5 gallons milk $9.95
10 packages Keebler cookies $25.00
  • -$10 instant savings for buying 10 keebler cookies
  • -$10 from five $2 off milk when you buy 2 pkg. Keebler cookies (Kelloggs's Fuel for School book)
  • -$4 from four $1 Keebler IP's
  • -$2.20 from four $0.55 Keebler IP's (prints with the $1 one above)
  • -$1 on two Keebler cookies (old insert coupon)
  • -$3 doublers
  • - $5 catalina from last week's soups

If you're looking for a more simple version for yourself and either have the Kelloggs Fuel for School coupon booklet, or can find it in-store, here you go:

Buy 2 packages Keebler cookies and one gallon of milk. Use two $1 IP coupons, one $2 milk coupon, and 2 doublers. You'll pay only $1 which is still less than you'd pay for a gallon of milk anywhere! *note: I'm getting an error message from the link at the moment, so it may or may still not work- I printed mine just two days ago though, I hope it's just my computer being silly!


  1. Nope, the Keebler coupon been's giving me an error message for the last couple days from two different computers so it's not just yours. I'm guessing it's reached its limit. I sure wish I would have printed out more than just one coupon back when it was still available!