Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Free undies & another Albies trip!

We started out with VS to get free panties today. Luckily, we asked about the free panties with pink purchase- and it turns out that works with a lollipop purchase! So, 2 regular panties from the back (reg. price $8.50 each), one pair from the Pink Collection (should be the "lace thong" but anything valued at $7.50 should work...it did for me!), and a yummy looking lollipop for $1.50 total. Amazing!! Receipt is below for proof that it works, but is a bit blurry...sorry.

Since we were in town already, it was hard to resist one more trip to Albies. Here's what I purchased in 2 transactions today:

Spent $0.76, saved $25.32 (or 97%)
The cookies are for the husband who wanted them Sunday (at $3.99!!), they were down to $2.50 so I used my $2 survey coupon to help pay for those. Everything else was free, but I did have to pay $0.26 in tax on the Lysol wipes. This was a nice simple run, I'm hoping to fit more in later today.


  1. I have to ask, because I'm brand new to this, but did you use doublers again? What coupons did you have for the Lyson Wipes. I would love to be able to do what you are doing! How many newspapers do you get? Thanks! ~Betsy

  2. Betsy, ask all the questions you need! Yes, I used a set of 3 doublers on each transaction (my stores let you do up to 3 transactions in a row with doublers). The Lysol coupons I used were from hangtags on spray bottles (they say "Save $4 on Lysol products") and have multiple coupons inside. Lysol does have some coupons on their website as well! I tend to buy 2-4 usually, more on a good week, but I also get inserts from my mom and occasionally my MIL.

  3. Maygan,
    Thank you for your blog!!! I have quite a few coupon blogs that I follow, but yours is my favorite. You post the same things I'd be interested in. We have quite a bit in common, I've got 2 boys also. Jack is 3 and Henry is 6 months old. Yesterday, after the sweet guys went to bed, I ran to Albertsons and spent $7.06 and saved over $40!!! I had this major addrenaline rush while walking out of the store. Thought, did I just steal all these groceries? If you want a picture, let me know your email and I'll send you one. Again...thanks for your blog!!!!

  4. Betsy,thank you for all the kind words! I would love a photo of your trip- my email is: maybefrugal@hotmail.com. It really does give you a rush the first few times like crazy, eventually that settles down but it come back when you have an especially good trip. I'm glad my blog is helping you save money!!