Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Swagbucks- a search & win site: Thrifty Tip Tuesday

Search & Win
I know there are a variety of moneymaking search sites out there. I use Swagbucks and I honestly love it. I've been using it since April of this year, semi-frequently, and have redeemed $50 in amazon giftcards in addition to two $5 Starbucks girtcards (they only carry $10 ones now). They also have a variety of other prizes. I do have a couple of referrals and that helps me rack up the points faster- when someone signs up using your referral, you win whatever swagbucks they win, up to their first 100.

The search engine is powered by Google and Yahoo, although it does contain some extra ads. Generally speaking, Swagbucks works well but I tend to skip straight to google when searching for something really specific or when I'm in a hurry. Sometimes I only use swagbucks to get me to the sites I visit daily. Honestly, if you're not online often and don't generally use search engines, then it's probably not for you. I love having a bit of extra money for Amazon, and I'm not doing anything I don't do anyways. The have recently re-done the homepage, and graphically it's much more fancy then it used to be so I'm not sure how well it'll work if you have a slower computer. Still, it's worth checking out especially if you use search engines).

Right now, I'm saving those amazon giftcards to help cut the costs of Christmas presents. I've done most of my shopping for the kids (I scored big time with book and toy clearance finds after Christmas last year) but we still have a few people on our list. You could do the same if you signed up now! If you download the toolbar, you'll get a special code each day this month worth an extra swagbuck (that's 22 extra swagbucks! Almost halfway to a $5 amazon gc).

Do you use swagbucks or another similar site? Let me know!

(I feel like I should add a disclaimer. If you click the graphic above and sign up under me, I will be earning points from you. You get nothing extra either way, but if you're uncomfortable signing up under someone, you can simply visit swagbucks.com and sign up on your own. I see none of your information, with the exception of your first name, last initial, and how many points you've earned.)

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  1. I love swagbucks! I save them until I get $35 and then I order us some movies and at $35 you don't pay shipping.