Sunday, September 20, 2009

The neccesities shopping trip: Safway & QFC

I mentioned before that we've been eating a lot of stockpile food...but we needed a few things today so while we were out running around (looking for a spare Wii microphone so we could try the harmonies on Beatles Rockband- but no luck today!) I put together a menu plan, and hit Safeway. I got a new Safeway card pre-loaded with a 10% discount for 30 days because a local store is having a grand-reopening, so I registered that and bought this:

$13.64 spent, $20.04 saved (59%)
Which is not bad considering the big block of Tillamook is $5.99 itself. I used four $1.60 coupons on the NV Nut Clusters (for $.40 overage) and my discount took off $2.68. I also grabbed coffee filters, 2 papers, and a loaf of bread at QFC for about $6. Now I just need to plan a trip to the new Safeway to use all those fancy free item coupons they sent me!

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