Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More soup at Albertson's!

I know, I already bought quite a bit of soup!! Except that I was trying to get all my coupons in order and I realized that I had coupons for the Campbell's Chunky soup. The husband loves this stuff for lunch and the price seemed decent:
$5 out of pocket, $28.48 saved
The soup was on sale for $1.25 each, and I bought 12 cans to get my total up to $15 for the promo. I used three $.50 off 4 coupons, three doublers, a $2 receipt coupon, and the $5 catalina I had earned from the soup earlier this week. I got my $5 catalina back. It'll be nice to have this soup on hand for fall (once we get some cooler weather!)


  1. Great Purchase! Maybe I should go stock up today??? Its always so hard to decide what to use your doubles on but if I at least do the soup, then I will have my $5 catalina for whatever great deals come about tomorrow!

  2. It's probably a good idea...the small cans of tomato and chicken noodle are an even better deal with the $1/2 cooking soup pirntable (tomato counts) but these are nice thick soups too. $7 for 12 cans is not a bad deal!

  3. Hi there! Awesome job on the soup....my husband loves this stuff also! :)

  4. I'm clapping for you! Can you hear it? And I know I'm a goof.