Monday, September 28, 2009

A little bit of shopping yesterday

Albertsons: $4.24 spent, $15.57 saved

The soups were all free after $1 off 2 coupons and doublers. The chicken was on sale at $.77/lb and cost $3.25 (awesome!) and I used a coupon from Sunday's paper to get the eggs for $0.99. I've never tried the soup at hand stuff, but it looks like something I can easily eat while preparing food and feeding the baby, so it'll be neat to try.

Grocery Outlet: $1.99 spent, $11.54 saved

I did a survey recently that got me a $5 off anything at Grocery Outlet, so I figured we'd better head over and see what I could get there for $5. The zucchini was huge and marked 2/$1 (a great price on the huge ones I grabbed!). There were 4 juice boxes (4/$1), we don't usually buy juice for the toddler but we'd been running around all day so it was a special treat. As we were looking around for something else, the husband spotted smoked salmon for $4.99 and had to have it. The prices there were okay, not as great as you can do with coupons but better than most stores. I'll probably be back to check them out sometime when we've got more time to browse.

...and I lucked out at the thrift store and found two of those can things (you know, the kind in the store they use to dispense cans?) for $.45 each. What a lucky find! My stockpiled canned goods were starting to get a bit out of hand.


  1. I agree about the prices and deals without coupons. I might have to look for that smoked salmon. That is great as a gift idea for the holidays. We've purchased that for my mom before and she loves it. I had purchased it at Bartells for around $15. With her birthday coming up, I may just call my local store and see if they have some. Thanks!

  2. Once again, Good job!!! It really is a treat for me to see how much you got for so little.

  3. Jane, I was thinking the same thing. We always buy it when we have out-of-state visitors and $4.99 is an amazing price, we've been lucky to find it for twice that. I hope you can find some!

    SonyaAnn, thank you!