Tuesday, February 23, 2010

FM: my clearance finds!

I mentioned Fred Meyer was doing their extra 70% off clearance apparel this week, so I thought I'd share a few of my finds with you (you still have til Saturday!). I have two boys (one 2.5 years and one soon-to-be 1 year old) so I'm always looking at clearance clothes. We do shop thrift stores as well (especially for jeans) but I'd say most of our clothing purchases are things I pick up year-round on clearance. Of course, I did get a little bit lucky at Fred Meyer this week:

I know this isn't a ton of clothing, but I was looking for something Birthday for the youngest to wear and was happy to find this cute onsie in the right size for only $1.80! They had matching bibs (both girl and boy) but they were the same price as the onsie so I skipped it. I also found a pair of Christmas pj's for the older boy for only $2.40- perfect because we do Christmas jammie photos every year (alone with our boys and with the other babies on the husbands family's side). I skipped buying any for the younger because I already have some. The Super hero dog pj's were $4.50, a little steep comparatively but pajamas the oldest will wear so rarely go on clearance and he's going to LOVE these. We wandered a bit as well, and noticed that they're taking an additional 50% off toys so I grabbed a pack of 6 mini Tonka trucks for $3 that I can split into Christmas stockings later this year.


  1. Nice finds! I live clearance sales. I scored a couple cute pairs of shoes for my daughter. I am lucky because my best friend has 3 little girls and gives me the best hand-me downs. I rarely have to buy clothes (yet)!

  2. Kim, that's awesome! My store didn't have much in the way of boys shoes but I was happy to find things I needed to buy anyways. That's super sweet of your friends! We're the first of our friends to be having kids, so no luck for us there (of course, our friends will score big time in the way of hand-me-down baby items if they need/want 'em).