Monday, February 22, 2010

Victoria's Secret: Rewards Cards today and tomorrow!

Victoria's Secret is doing Secret Rewards cards again today and tomorrow only (2/22 and 2/23 until 11:59 pm EST). This is an online only deal, and you must check out using code SECRETVS in order to get a SRC. Each order placed using this code will arrive with a Secret Reward card worth either $10, $50, $100, or $500- but you won't be able to check and see what you get until April! Secret Reward Cards will be redeemable April 1-30, 2010 in stores, online or by phone. Here's how to make the best of this deal (in case you want to try your luck!).

I purchased an item this morning that was on clearance for $2.99 (from $12, it's one I plan on including in a gift eventually). After shipping and tax, I paid $9.76 for my item, but when I receive it- it'll come with a rewards card worth at least $10 (and hopefully more!). I can use that to either treat myself to something or purchase another item as a gift. (Note: the rewards card works like a gift card). It would have been even cooler to have free shipping, but this still has some good potential.

Sound like fun? Here are a few cheap items:

Note: If you place too many of the same kind of order, it's likely VS will cancel them for you. Two of the same/similar orders should be just fine. If you need to place more, you might need to do so under a different account.


  1. Yay! I missed out when this promotion was happening a little while back, so I ordered some body mist I love!
    Can't wait to use the card, so fun!

  2. I couldn't decide what to get so opted to order a $25 gift card instead. I'll be getting the Secret Rewards card & my gift card to use when the rewards values are available in April. Plus I didn't have to pay shipping since it was a gift card. Made for a pretty good deal to prepare for the big sale! Thanks for the info!!