Friday, February 12, 2010

Lots of shopping today!

My mom came by this afternoon and we embarked on quite the shopping trip (3 Walgreens and Albertsons). We had some rainchecks from the quaker sale at Albies, and a very kind online bargain hunter sent me enough of the $2/2 Instant Oatmeal coupons to get a whopping 20 boxes (all of which are going straight to St. Vincents). Plus, I couldn't resist a good deal on Huggies at Walgreens. Here's everything we bought today:

Albertsons: $0.99 spent, $39.02 saved
I'm sure our savings were actually greater than $39.02 considering that each box of oatmeal sells for $4.xx regularly, but they punched in the price at $1 so no additional savings showed up there. The Ronzoni were $1/box so we combined these $1/2 Smart Taste and $1/2 Healthy Harvest printables with doublers to get them free. I paid $0.99 for the bread, because we needed it.

Walgreens: $26.32 spent, and I saved a ton
I don't have exact savings totals for you, because the items above were about 11 transactions worth. We hit three stores and took turns going in and doing two transactions each. The husband needed carmex so I used it as a filler once ($3/2 tubes), one of the stores catalina machines goofed so I need to call about getting a $3RR, and I ended with a $3RR. The diapers ended up being about $2.89 (including the small amount spent on candy, tax, and poligrip). I did not use the $1 coupon from the Wags coloring book, because it does say off the full regular price and I didn't want to bother with it. The poligrip is all going to be donated. I'll skip the details because the combination of 15%, coupons, and RR working together on this was a today-only thing.


  1. Did you RR's for the diapers roll today for you, or did you try it like that?

    I tried rolling mine today when I bought diapers but no RR printed out even though it worked earlier in the week. =(

    No big deal though, the diaper sale was a great deal anyways!

  2. oh yeah, I took a look at my receipt from the quaker sale and instant oatmeal was reg. $4.29 in case you keep a detailed list of transaction like i do to see how much I have saved.

  3. $4.25 X 20 Boxes total purchase = $85.00 savings?
    That is exciting! St. Vincent's will be tickled!

  4. Keana, I check an online forum before I left to see if the Huggies RR were rolling so I knew not to try before hand. They tend to fix glitches like that within a couple of days!

  5. Wow! Great job! I wan't able to step foot in a Wags this week, but looks like there were some awesome deals!