Saturday, February 6, 2010

Keeping Track of Coupons

Do you ever look at coupon matchups people post and wonder how on earth they know about all these printable coupons or which insert coupons came from where? I know that when I first started out, I couldn't figure out how they remembered all this stuff! I had a hard enough time figuring out how to organize the coupons I did have, there's no way I could remember what had come out months ago and where I got it.

Then, I found out about coupon databases. There are several websites that keeps tabs on what coupons are floating around unexpired out there, and I absolutely love referring back to them. There's something so easy about hoping online and doing a quick search to see if there are coupons I can pair with a sale and where they came from. Especially since I don't always get the paper every weekend (*gasp*). I wanted to share my two favorite databases with you because sometimes it's easier to find a deal for yourself then to wait for someone else to announce it.

Hot Coupon World's database: This one is very user friendly (really! just start typing in the name of the product you're looking for) and is always very up to date. They list tons of coupons and I love that they post both the form of coupon and expiration date. I use this all the time!

Slickdeal's Printable Manufacturer's Coupon Compilation: By far, this is the best and most complete list of available printable coupons I have ever seen. Even when I'm not looking for something specific, I sometimes like to scroll through the list to see what's new. Seriously, it's worth checking out...I can almost guarantee you'll find something you just have to print. (If you're a member at SD, please please rep the OP and contributors to this thread, they do amazing work!).

I hope that these two resources will help you and am almost positive they will. Enjoy them!


  1. Thanks. This is a big help to me because I am a new Couponista and just learning the ropes. I wondered how the coupon sites had so much information.

  2. Thanks Maygan, I actually use The Krazy Coupon Lady's database for match-ups. I've bookmarked Slickdeals and can't wait to try it out! Now I know where you found that hot diaper coupon. I was wondering what "sd" was!!