Thursday, February 4, 2010

Old Navy: $2 tanks starting tomorrow

This looks like a great deal to me! I got this info from m80:

"Looking for a colorful, sultry way to layer your look? Try this sweet deal: Women’s Natural Lace-Trim Camis from Old Navy. They’re $2 (Reg. $12.50) and come in an assortment of bold colors that will add daring to anything you’re wearing – even if you keep them under wraps. Stock up on this irresistible deal – you’ll love ‘em!
Get the Women’s Natural Lace-Trim Camis 2/5 – 2/11 and check them out today at, where the highest value coupon is 10% off your purchase!"

I have a few of these in plain solid colors and they're great for layering, or wearing to bed, or around the house (I wear them almost all the time). For $2 a piece, you can bet I'll be picking up more than just a few, and the colors are super cute for spring and summer. Can't wait! Edit: the colors in store were not nearly as bright as pictured. They had white, brown, dark grey, yellow, blue, neon green, and pink at my store.


  1. So you have tried these? Do you know if they run long or short? I really like the under tank tops but I prefer them long where they stick out the bottom of my other shirts so you can see the color there too.

  2. I don't know how helpful I am, because I'm short. I'm about 5'2" and these tanks hit me right below my hips, so they're nice and long on me. I have no problems wearing them so you can see them sticking out the bottoms or tucked up so you can't (they're not bulky). Hope that helps!

  3. I wish this store had more large size items but then I should shrink. Thanks for the tip.
    I went to Albertson's in Olympia and found a whole display of the new coupon books so they are out there if you look. I hooked four of them!
    Also I am having my first give a way on my blog. I am going to give a way a handmade fabric flower brooch which would look nice on a jacket. The link to find it is Thanks so much for all the tips you give us!

  4. Thanks Maygan- I'm only 5'4" so they should probably be just fine.