Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Albertsons: free/cheap toilet paper and paper towels 7/22-7/28

I've been looking for a good toilet paper deal, because we're almost out...and this is it!

Right now, you can use this $2 coupon (print it twice) and three $1 off playtex coupons (from the paper a couple of weeks ago) to do this. Buy 2 single rolls Sparkle, 2 packs (4 roll) Angel Soft, and 3 (10 count) playtex disposable gloves. Total will be $10, but $3 should come off automatically. After your two $2 printed coupons and your three $1 coupons- your total will come to ZERO (maybe tax?).

Don't have the $1 Playtex glove coupon? That's okay. If you can access a second computer and print 1 more of those $2 coupons, you can buy 3 Angel Soft and 3 individual rolls Sparkle paper towels and pay only $1.50. Not shabby for 12 double rolls of toilet paper! And if you can't use another computer? Pick something you'll use, or buy any 3 items from the $1 section and pay only $2.10 for your 2 packs TP, 2 rolls paper towels, and 3 misc items. Still not a bad deal!

My store had piles of the TP and paper towels today, I'm hoping to get there in time to score some for myself tomorrow!


  1. Ah!! You are such a doll to write up this scenario! I was hoping to stock up on TP this week too, we are really low as well. Such a great coupon! I do hope it works since it doesn't specify a size or quantity of package. A lot of the angel soft coupons out right now are for packs of 6. We'll see!
    I will be posting a link on my blog for this to alert my readers to come and check this out! :)

  2. Thanks for letting us know about this deal! I have a post scheduled for in the morning to let our readers know! We appreciate the email, you've got a great blog!

  3. What a deal. Looks like you are a smart shopper from the previous post.

  4. Thank you all for stopping by and commenting! I was super excited about this deal (it's my very first FREE toilet paper!)

  5. thank you for the fantastic deal and breakdown! I just got 6 packs of tp and 6 rolls of papertowels for just over $4!! (two transactions including tax)



  6. Hi. I've read your posts at some other sites, and I'm glad to have found your blog!

    I did this deal today, and it worked great-except I wound up getting pickles my boys were begging for.

    The C&H sugar isn't free, but it's a Great price!

  7. I've tried the link for the $2 coupon and it takes me to a "ready to print" page, but when I click on "print coupons" it takes me to a page that says "please wait" and nothing happens. I have the coupon printer installed already so that's not it. Help!

  8. Sara, what browser are you using? the link I have is for IE. If you're using firefox, this is the link you'll want:


    but if you are using internet explorer, maybe this will work?


    ...sometimes finding the right link can be a hassle, but this coupon is worth printing!!

  9. The Wenatchee albies doesn't carry the 4 packs of Angel soft, but they subbed in 6 packs and rang it up manually! Awesome deal, thanks.

  10. Rachael, that's awesome! I'm glad you were able to get in on the deal. I don't think any of the stores carry this size of AngelSoft normally, it's only in the promo sections of stores. You can find the sparkle everywhere though!

  11. Thank you! That was the problem - I'd been using Firefox.

  12. What a great deal! I posted about my trip using the scenario. I made sure they knew it was put together by you and added a link to your blog. Hope that's ok, and thanks so much!
    Sarah, pocketbookpearls (dot) blogspot (dot) com