Thursday, July 9, 2009

Contacting companies and another free coupon!

Freebie first, okay? Gardein, a company that make "vegetable protein" (read: fake meat) is offering free item coupons! Click here to request yours, you can also claim a $1 printable coupon. I love freebies like this, my sister is a vegan and it's nice to have food on hand that she can eat (you know, beyond veggies, refried beans, and oreos). edit: free coupons are all gone!

I recently purchased a product and was disappointed with the quality (ranch dressing that tasted like mayo- yuck!). I used to just let things like that go, but thought maybe I'd take a minute to let the company know. They responded rather quickly to let me know they were sending a coupon for a free product, and hoped I'd give them another try. Before I began using coupons, I'd never have done something like that! I've heard of other bloggers "balancing things out" after making a complaint by contacting a company to compliment a product they like. It sounded like a nice idea, so I wrote in about the new Skintimate cream shave (I love, love, love that stuff!). Today, I got a thank-you email from them with the promise of another free coupon! Neither one of these emails took me more than a couple minutes to write, and it was exciting to hear back from both companies so quickly. Writting a company to compliment/complain is a great idea and something I will do more of in the future.

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