Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My free tp brag!

I got all this for $0.72 cents

I'm not going to go into crazy detail, because I posted the info about this yesterday. I did this all in one transaction (the $3 discount comes off for every $10 you spend) to make things easier on myself. The gloves were all gone, so I bought a pack of wetones (find a $1 coupon on their website) to get me up to $30. The perfect10 was on clearance for $5 but rang up as $1 and I still got to use a $5 coupon on it. WOOHOO! The overage cut into my taxes, which is fine by me! My savings show up as being about $67.

If you live in the area, the Brem. store had 3 boxes left (all blonde) in a cart in the frozen food aisle. I tucked coupons into those boxes, so if you're headed there you may want to check it out. I can't guarantee they'll ring up at $1, but even if they don't give you overage...they'll be free.

Weekly total spent: $36.88. Look for my spending re-cap tomorrow morning!


  1. I still wanna be you!

  2. SonyaAnn,you're so silly! I wish you had an Albies so you could get in on the same deals!

  3. Nice going! I wish I had more printables. How long do you think that TP will last your family??

  4. I gave 2 packs to my mom since she was also out of TP...but I think the remaining 6 should last a couple of months. I'd love to get my hands on more printables, but we only have so many hardrives (thanks goodness the husband is a tech nerd!)