Thursday, July 16, 2009

Week's spending in review..

This is the first week I've really kept track of my grocery spending. There are 4 of us: 1 baby who doesn't actually eat anything, 1 toddler who eats everything (at the moment), my husband and I. The grand total for spending comes in at $42.91 for:

including another 2 gallons of milk, 5 newspapers, and a few items that never made it into pictures. I also gained a $10 gift card good at QFC and have $5 in catalinas left for Albertsons. I did most of our real grocery shopping this past week, but will probably have to make it out for: more free AMP @ QFC, milk, produce, toilet paper, and maybe another Albies run or two (I'd hate to not use up those doublers!). The total savings for this week? Somewhere along the lines of $260 bucks. I love coupons!

All in all, I'm pretty happy with my spending for the week. It's a huge improvement over the "hopefully less than $130" budget for 2 weeks I'd been working with previously. I do have to wait to see how this next week goes before I make any final judgements, but it looks good!

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