Saturday, July 25, 2009

A few things to keep an eye out for...

Albertson's doublers- you'll find a set of 3 in section A of the Seattle Times tomorrow. If you want more than 1 set of doublers- buy extra papers, ask your friends/neighbors, or keep an eye out for discarded papers in public places. The ones in the actual paper like this are never available in-store. I'm going to look through the ad and see what's good this week.

*sorry! It appears as though Honey Nut Cheerios are not included, so the deal I had posted earlier is no good!

If you're headed to Safeway, swing by the refrigerated fruit section. Chiquita bites are currently on sale for Buy one, get one free AND there are Buy one, get one free peelies attached to some containers. Use that coupon to make two containers free!


  1. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! After reading this I went to pick up the 2 early editions of the Sunday paper I had grabbed at the store today and my husband had already taken them out to our recycling bin. I ran out there to find them at 11:30 at night :) those things are like gold I can't believe I almost didn't get them.

  2. Are the honey nut cheerios part of the promo? They aren't tagged or the right price for the promo at the Wenatchee store-but maybe they just forgot?

  3. Rachael- I thought I saw that they were but the ad doesn't have them specifically listed. I'll check on that the next time I go in and post what size box it is. It's not part of the spend $10, get $3 off...and the first page doesn't have actual brands listed (just a few cereals pictured).

  4. we had this same issue with honey nut cheerios...they are NOT included :( that would have been so awesome!

  5. I just posted some ideas for the doublers on my blog!
    Yah for doublers!!