Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I've posted about these sites before, but thought I'd give you a quick reminder since they've made a few changes. Ecoupons are coupons you can find online, and load onto your loyalty card at stores like Safeway and QFC (Kroger). They come off automatically. Upromise is one, that works differently. Instead of getting a discount on the item you purchase, the amount is put into a college savings fund for your kid(s). I have no experience with that site. The ones I do use are:

  • Works for Safeway and QFC
  • They also have special offers for local stores, and coupons you can have sent to your cellphone for things like rent one get one free movie rentals at Hollywood video.
  • The number you enter does not need to be a cellphone number if you only plan to use the grocery coupons


  • Works at Safeway and QFC
  • No phone number required, this site is simply linked to your loyalty card
  • Offers some of the same coupons as Cellfire


  • I believe this one only works at QFC, but it may have been updated to include Safeway (I cannot remember my password for the life of me...will update as soon as I can log in)
  • Does not offer the same coupons as Shortcuts and Cellfire, but has some great brands

Bringing Hope to the Table

  • Works for QFC only
  • Has unique coupons

These coupons are all very easy to use, and the sites are updated frequently with new offers. For the sites compatible with multiple stores, you can only load each coupon onto your card once...so choose the store you do most of your shopping at. Some sites take longer for the coupon to become active on your card than others, so it's a good idea to load the coupons 24 hours in advance just to be sure. You'll also need the number located on the back of your shoppers card to sign up, so find that card before you start signing up!

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