Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This week's spending in review

I spent a little bit more then I usually would in week 2 (we get paid every 2 weeks) but a lot of it was stockpiling stuff. I think we're set on ice cream for months and have a decent amount of toilet paper. You can click the picture to get to the original post of each deal if you want the details. I spent a grand total of $36.88 for all of this (with $17 worth of giftcards and catalinas to start off next week):

PLUS: 30 more cans of AMP, 2 gallons milk, 2lbs grapes, bananas, a head of broccoli, Draino, another 5 pints Breyers, and 4 more pints Ben & Jerry's. All in all, I'd consider this a pretty awesome week's worth of shopping. I did a bad job of tracking my savings this week, but I am sure it is over the $350 mark.

I'm behind on my menu planning for next week, so I need to make some time to take inventory of what I have on hand tomorrow. I'll probably use my $10 giftcard to QFC for basic staples because it's close and there doesn't seem to be too much going on there this week. I really want to get in on the Dr. Pepper deal at Albies, so I'll use my catalinas to cut my out-of-pocket expense there. I'm hoping to do most of my menu from the stockpile, maybe we'll get some better sales next week.

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  1. I'm jealous that you got the ice cream! I went the other night and had to get rain checks because they were out! You've got lots of good ideas here, keep 'em coming!