Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Albies run: ice cream, salad dressing, and bbq sauce

Guess how much I paid...
...did you guess? I spent $7.85! I also got $7 in catalinas for my next purchase!

So really, it's more like $0.85 net cost for all the items pictured above (if you like to think like that). $4 in catalinas came from the 8 BBQ sauces I purchase, the other $2 was from purchasing 4 of the Ben & Jerry's in one transaction. I saved $85.63, but I'd like to think I'd never spend that much on the items pictured above. The husband should be in ice cream heaven, since most of the Ben&Jerrys is for him. I could have cut my out-of-pocket expense by using the catalinas from my first transaction, but since I had 4 transactions in a row (with one of my favorite cashiers), I just paid cash and let him give me all the receipts and catalinas at the end of the transaction.

It also means my weekly spending is up to $31.16 at the moment. I do still have $10 for QFC and I'm up to $6 at Albertsons. The husband is out getting milk and bread right now, so my total will go up...but then we're all set for the rest of the week.

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  1. Amazing!!! I still wanna be you when I grow up. I'm a bit older than you though! I'll make it work!