Tuesday, July 28, 2009

milk coupons!

These are just too good not to post, if you go to coupons.com you can find two milk coupons. One if good for FREE gallon white milk (up to $4) when you spend $100, and the other is good for a free half gallon of chocolate milk (up to $3.75) when you buy 1 gallon regular milk. Use zip code 63090 if they don't show up for you. These coupons are valid everywhere except Alaska and Hawaii.


  1. Hi Maygan..
    I've enjoyed your blog... came from All together Beautiful.

    I've got one question on this milk coupon.. and would like you to think about it. Is it ethical to print the other zip codes just so we can get the coupon? If they had wanted us to have it in our area, they would have given it. I think they limit it to certain zip codes in a way to limit the number of coupons they allow to go out. Not sure, but thats my thought, so if we publish the zip, then it goes cross country and who knows how many stores will accept them... and maybe not be paid for them since they weren't for their area. Just a thought.