Monday, July 27, 2009

Old Navy

I just got back from Old Navy, had to use that $75 off $100 coupon I got on Thursday, and they've got all kinds of stuff on sale. They're running a 50% off all clearance items through Wednesday, and there's tons of things on clearance! At our store, the men's and baby sections look like they have been pretty well picked through. It's not just clothes on clearance either, they've got balls, books, and a variety of other things marked down. You may want to check this out soon (plus, they've got air conditioning- great for those who are melting in this heat!). They've also got a buy one, get one 50% off sale on most tops. We did really well with our coupon! We spent $28.94 and got:

  • 2 toddler polos (3t and 4t) (.52 each)
  • brown pants 3t (2.36)
  • jean shorts 2t (.92)
  • a cute beach towel (2.62)
  • 3 tank tops for me (2.46 each for lace, 1.67 for plain)
  • 1 long sleeved shirt for me (2.85)
  • 2 polos for the husband (3.83 each)
  • matching swim trunks for the boys next year (.65 each)
  • a red & white ball (.46)
  • one cute tank top for the cousin's toddler girl (.85)


  1. WOW! I've tried before to get the $75 off. How did you manage to get it?
    And thank you so much for coming to see me today. It's been kind of crummy by me. It was nice to escape over here and just see some good news!!!

  2. Sonya, thanks for stopping by! The $75 is tricky, so finding a good chatroom is a great way to do it. I like Thrifty NW Mom's chat. I sign in and chat when I have free time during the day, and when I'm away I leave the screen open. They usually ding a bell shortly before the page loads (by keeping an eye on another page ON loads the weekly graphics onto first) so when I hear it...I rush to the computer and refresh like a maniac. This is my third good coupon (I've won another 75 and a 65 once). If you have a facebook, I'd be happy to add you and send an extra your way the next time I get one!

  3. What an awesome deal! I have been trying the Old Navy coupons for sometime now and can only manage to get a 25% off. I tried that chat room this last time and sat there waiting for it to update for a hew hours and even left my sound up loud but I had to go feed my kids dinner and I missed the bell ding and it updated while I was making dinner.

  4. Wow you are sweet. Now I just need to figure out face book. Thank you!!!