Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Albertson's Trip

$11.88 spent, $116.74 saved!
...and I have another $10 in cats for my next trip!
This is my regular shopping trip (see the veggies? and the tortillas? I needed them!) and two Albies runs I had planned for the week, split into two transactions. I had a raincheck for 30 pouches of tuna, and I figured this was the week would be the one to use it because you also get a six-pack of mini chip bags free for every 3 tuna pouches! I did do really great with this trip, even though I forgot to use another $2.75 in coupons (silly me!). I'm going back for some free Honey Nut Cheerios and other goodies later this week*, so I'll just use those coupons another time. Woohoo for a fun shopping trip!

*Honey Nut Cheerios are $1.99 as part of the mix and match promo, you can print $1 off 1 and $1 off 2 coupons
on the same page. If you combine those with doublers, they're free. The wording on the coupon is "Do not doubler or triple" but most Washington stores ignore that wording on coupons. Even without doing the mix and match, they end up being $0.49 each after coupon and double...not bad!


  1. The Honey Nut Cherrios coupons I printed said, "DO NOT DOUBLE OR TRIPLE". Are you doubling something else and using the overage to get them for free?

  2. Sorry about that! It does say do not double or triple, but most washington stores disregard that because the store itself is giving you credit for the double. I am using the doubler on that coupon, but I should adjust the post to reflect the wording on the coupon!

    If you had any catalinas from Mac&Cheese or tuna, you could use that to cover the additional dollar of the cereal...although that doesn't really make the cheerios free.