Thursday, July 16, 2009

Double Naptime Special: pics of the kiddos

Yes, they're both napping...AT THE SAME TIME! I'm thrilled!! So, I'm taking a couple of minutes to post some pictures of the boys (not of them napping) for your enjoyment. Littlest one is 4.5 months and loves his gym:

this was the best we got for 4th of July together cuteness (shirts were both on clearance last month at Fred Meyers, and not too matchy!):

and this is my favorite of the 4th of July together pics because it cracks me up:

We took this one of the Oldest when we went to Port Gamble for a picnic a couple weeks ago. He was having a blast running around and naming everything he saw:

Hope you enjoyed a little peek at the boys. I'm off for now to enjoy some naptime freedom!

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  1. Super cute pictures and the one made me giggle, too.
    I love the new template. WOW!