Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I got a few steaks...

$1.13 out of pocket, $49.63 saved

There was also a twix candybar and another box of mac&cheese in there, guess the toddler snatched it? Anyways, this is what I did today in two transactions, using 5 doublers each time. I am really loving the $1 beef coupon for getting cheap steak! I did use $2 in catalinas to help cut down my out of pocket cost, but the mac&cheese got me another $1 catalina towards my next purchase.

I wanted more of the honey nut cheerios but they were out of the size I wanted! I found a few neat coupons while walking the store today, and got some awesome coupons for the Easy Mac cups from my husband's cousin who was doing her shopping too! (Thank you!!)

Current total spent this week: $28.01


  1. Where do you find the coupons for the beef?

  2. yep, I want to know too-I am sure i've heard it before but I have mommy brain and might go shopping today!:)

  3. The first time I found them, they were scattered across the meat packages and I almost missed them. They are skinny, long, and black with the words "save on meat now". I thought they were part of the label. I also found a stack of them on top of the meat counter.