Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thrifty milk

We ran out of milk tonight, and in a house full of cereal/milk addicts, that's no good. So I made a very quick Albertson's run, 2 transactions but nothing fancy...unless you count free ice cream as fancy! While I was there I remembered that I needed eggs too, so...

$0.98 spent, $45.40 saved!

I used $2 in catalinas to pay, one in each transaction. The first transaction (milk, eggs, pasta salad, 4 ice creams, and eggs) cost $0.98. The second was free after my catalina.

Jane over at AllTogetherBeautiful has all the ice cream details. I did what she has outlined as #2 and then used the $4 off 5 Breyers catalina to purchase the second set. I'm going to do this a few more times, because who doesn't need free ice cream??

running total spent this week: $0.98


  1. Okay so I get how you got the ice cream free but I'd LOVE to know how you got all that Pasta Salad and especially the milk free or only for .98 cents.

  2. Beth, the Pasta salad is currently on sale for $1 each with a $5 instant discount when you buy 10. There are peelies on some boxes (check the macaroni variety) for $1 off 2. Use 5 of those coupons and pasta salad is free. I also had three doublers applied to that, and it generated $3 in overage. I used that overage to help cover the cost of my milk ($1.99 a gallon) and eggs ($1).

    The peelies and 2 doublers can be found in store. If you can find 5 of the peelies, you can use all those q's to pay for a gallon of milk- as long as you have something to cover the extra penny of overage (single carrots are a good idea!)

  3. Thanks for posting that Maygan! That's funny about the carrots.

  4. I really want to be you. I don't know how you do this. I had the cashier at Walgreens giving me dirty looks just cuz I wanted to split my order in to two. I love it here.

  5. Ahh, I've been dying to do the ice cream deal-hopefully it will still be in stock when I can go tomorrow! You did amazing with your deals!! :)

  6. Thanks SonyaAnn and Jen! Doing the deals gets easier with time (I say as if I've been doing it much longer than 7 months!) especially when you know how much you're saving!

    If they're out of the ice cream- get rainchecks! You'll want them in quantities of 5. The catalina on this is going to be on for a while!

  7. Oh are so smart! I so wish we had an Alberton's near my small town. My hubs and teen son LOVE ice cream, and this kind of ice cream is waaaaay better than the off-brand I usually buy! :)