Thursday, July 23, 2009

Albies today: a quick stop for Dr. Pepper (and it might be over?)

I went today to take advantage of the Dr. Pepper deal, and managed to buy all this (plus 2 other 20oz bottles and more clearance pasta sauce @ $1/jar- orig. 5.99 and 6.19!) for $16.60...and I have another $10 catalina for my next order! My savings show as being $85.03 for these three transactions.
That's 12- 12packs. The husband should have enough Dr. Pepper to last him for quite some time. Ready for some bad news? Some Albertsons stores are reporting that this deal (the Buy 2 get 2 free part) is a pricing error and the deal is apparently no longer running in Utah. If you want to do this deal, you may want to head out tonight to give it a shot.

Running total for the week: $16.60 spent


  1. I heard even this morning from someone in Eastern WA that it wasn't working...darn, was hoping to do this deal! That is a lot of dr pepper! Ha-ha!

  2. deal is dead in olympia. i was just at albertsons, and they have signs by the dr pepper that they're no longer part of the BOGO deal. sad. i was able to snag 12 yesterday, though :o]