Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My QFC/Albertsons run today...

I spent $14.90 and have a $10 giftcard
...for all of this (and a few other things! saved about $88 bucks today!)

Not pictured is the Frappucino I drank, 4 boxes of Pasta salad, and another bag of granola clusters that my sister and son munched on while shopping today. I used a few catalinas at Albies to pay for the bread. My store is one of 4 in Washington competing against 4 in Oregon for bread sales so they were giving free garlic spread...I LOVE the one cashier there (she always has coupons for us and lets us know about deals we might've missed) so I bought a loaf. I saved $38.76 between my coupons and the sales.

At QFC, I purchased some $0.88 hamburger buns that I needed and did the AMP deal I told you about earlier today two times. There is tax, so I paid $0.85 for the second set of 10 but I have a $10 gift card so it works out pretty great at less than 9 cents a can! They didn't have tons of AMP, but said they'd be getting in more tomorrow. I also finally found the $1 off 2 Haas avocado coupons and some other goodies.

This bumps my weekly total up to: $42.91 but it is unlikely we'll do more shopping until tomorrow, so I'm going to call it $43 for the week. I'm feeling pretty great about that. Next week should be cheaper, since I did the bulk of my shopping this week.

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