Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Albertsons: tuna and freebies!

I found tuna (and got ahold of doublers!!)
$17.02 spent, $91.09 saved (...and i earned $9 in catalinas!)

I did 2 transactions, one with just the milk and cereal (find $1 cereal coupons at coupons.com) that cost $2.98. Transaction 2 had 45 pouches of tuna, 5 cans beans, salad dressing, and buns. I was super excited to find tons of tuna in-store, but didn't use all my coupons since I do have a raincheck I can use later... plus, it's been so hard to find I didn't want to clear the shelves for anyone else searching today. Still, it was an exciting trip!!


  1. Great trip! Thanks for the tuna tips:) They must've been restocking all over the place because I met my friend Marie at the Bremerton one after she had just been there and saw a bunch there. When we got there it was gone-but while we were looking for something else it was restocked! I found that I can get 1 doubler at many customer service stations if I ask. Nice not to have to buy the paper!