Monday, July 13, 2009

Keeping Track- a challenge for myself

I've been doing a lot of shopping lately, but with all these great deals at Albertsons, it's been hard to skip. I do want to take a closer look at my grocery spending and see what my average has been, so I can re-evaluate how I'm doing. Since I started couponing, I've put together a great stockpile and my pricepoints (the amount I'm willing to pay for any one item) has dropped. Take cereal, for example, I started out thinking $1 a box was a great deal but now I know that I can do better than that.

I've never been a weekly budget type of person but since we get paid every 2 weeks I'm going to use that. Thursday was payday, so that will be the start of my week. So far, I've spent $11.88 on groceries and about $15 on milk & newspapers (eep!) and some salad dressing coupons. Between the toddler's love of dipping and all the tuna, we've been going through ranch dressing really quickly. I do plan to do some more shopping this week to pick up free honey nut cheerios and to use some of those $1 off beef coupons I found. I am interested to see where I end up, spending-wise!

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