Sunday, August 30, 2009

Albertsons doublers today!

There are doublers in today's paper! (*edit: not in the Tacoma News Tribune on newstands, but in the Seattle Times!) They are printed on glossy flyers, but no one has reported finding them in-store as of yetThis is one quick trip, with only one transaction. I know, really only one...but there were lines and only one open register. It's really not the best run ever, but I had promised the hubs he could pick the meat and he wanted t-bones.

$17.51 spent, $27.40 saved
3 A1 Marinades $2.29 each (used $2 off A1 coupons)= $.87 total
1 WH pinto beans $2.50 (used $1 WH and doubler)= $.50
4 Avocados $1 each (used two $1 off 2 and two doublers)= FREE
1 round steak $1.61 (used $1 beef coupon)= $.61
tbone#1- $8.60
tbone#2- $7.87
angus round steaks $5.06
(I used three $2 off $5+ meat when you buy A1 peelies- found on charcoal)

I heard, but did not check for myself that several varieties of WH frozen veggies are $2 or less- so they'd be free as well if you're still looking for ideas for your printable coupons. Now would be a great time to head over to a friend's and print some extras! (We tried the A1 New York steakhouse marinade on the steaks tonight and it was delicious! good thing I have a few more A1 coupons!)


  1. I totally thought someone had stolen all of the doublers from the New's Tribune at Walmart, but I am glad to hear that is not the case. I however was able to get 3 sets of doublers, one from the sunday edition of Seattle Times and 2 from the Olympian b/c my husband accidently bought me two Olympians when we were down in Yelm today.

    I do have a question about the $2 off $5 meat purchase. Did you have to buy the charcoal or can you just take it off of the bag?

  2. Mine were stuck all over the charcoal but you did not need to buy the charcoal (the person sticking them said he didn't have anywhere else to put them). I guess during the summer my Albies (and probably others) sticks random coupons on charcoal cause it's always on display and people will find them.

  3. That is going to make for a wonderful dinner! Ummmm meat!