Monday, August 24, 2009

a quick Safeway trip tonight

$6.82 spent, $11.88 saved (65%)

3.28 lbs bananas (at $.50/lb- personalized price)= $1.64
2.10 lbs black seedless grapes (yumm-o!) at $0.98 lb= $2.06
Chinet plates 2/$5 (used two $2 off coupons) =$0.50 each
onion $0.95
garlic= $0.50
jalapeno= $0.24

I knew the red and green seedless grapes were $.98/lb but I was pleasantly surprised to see the black seedless grapes at this same price. Those things are yummy and aren't usually on sale (the reg. price would have been $6.28). I've never made banana bread on my own (can you believe it?!) but I figured I'd better start now while I can get bananas so cheap. Wish me luck!

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