Thursday, August 20, 2009

my QFC/Wags trip today

QFC: $15.40 spent, $34.07 saved
I've been meaning to head to QFC and do their mega deal, but that's been put on hold because we decided to head out camping this weekend. Still, I needed a few things for the trip (and couldn't resist doing the deal *just a little bit* because I had so many good coupons for it. This is a completely improvised deal. Maybe Albies is spoiling me, but I just keep looking at the photo above and thinking "15 dollars for that? really??" ...with 68% savings, I know I should just get over it. Here's what I did (items with stars were part of the buy 10, save $5):

4 Propel waters*: $.50 each (-4 $.55 hangtags)= -.20 total
2 Frappucino 4 packs*: $4.99 each (-2 $2 coupons)= $5.98 total
Aquafina*: $3.99
2 BC Supreme Brownies*: $1.50 each (-$.75 cellfire ecoupon)= $2.25 for 2
QFC hotdog buns: $0.88
Sara Lee bread/bagels: $2.00 each (used buy bread get free bagels tearpad on display)= $2.00
Mini Delights*: $1.50 (-.50 shortcuts ecoupon)= $1.00

Walgreens: $13.59 spent, $31 saved
(2 nifty camping chairs, not pictured)

I wanted to take advantage of the wipes deal and some clearanced summer items I saw the other day, plus I wanted to grab my photos. I did two transactions, the first was 7 tubs wipes and the 2 chairs. Wipes were $2.79 each, I used the $2 wags coupon (in-store), five $.50 manufacturer coupons, and two $.75 manu. coupons. The chairs ($3.99 each) and tax ($2.37)brought my total up to $11.88 but I got a $5 RR for spending $25 before coupons. I used that to buy the sprite and flashlight pack ($4.99) and paid $1.61. If you head out to do the wipes deal, make sure they scan your manufacturer coupons first otherwise they won't want to go through. The guy who cashed me out was wonderful and re-did the whole thing when we realized the issue...great wags trip!

I also picked up the wrong free photos. The lady only heard the last name and handed me my husband's cousin's photo order from earlier this week on accident. I didn't even realize it until I was just about home...we'll swap later. Thank goodness the wrong photos belonged to someone we know!!

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  1. Great job on the Wags savings! I really need to go and "do the deal" on the wipes!

    That is too funny about the photos; like you said, it's good that they belonged to someone you know! :)