Tuesday, August 25, 2009

my QFC trip today

This is what I got for $29.77 today
I mentioned that I had won a $30 kroger giftcard just this weekend, but was shocked to see that QFC's mega event lasted only until today! I figured I'd better head down and see what I could get for $30 before the sale ended. I could have got more items for the same price, but thought I'd buy the things we needed and a few things I like to have on hand. All in all, I bought 38 items- the lady working the register was shocked at my savings:

That looks pretty good to me, especially since I managed to lose about $3 of coupons while browsing the store. I won't go into details about the deals because the sale ends tonight, except to say that if you want to buy the bread and bagel deal, do it today! The price goes up to 2/$5 which would make it $2.50 for a loaf of bread and bag of bagels with the BOGO coupon on the display instead of $2.00. Not a big difference, but those pennies add up!