Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Had to use those remaining doublers @ Albies

Spent $2.53, Saved $27.96
I really didn't want to let my doublers go, so I made one quick trip last night and did 2 transactions. The buitoni was marked down as a manager special to $1.99 each (only the whole wheat varieties- and there's lots more in-store) so I couldn't resist picking up a couple. The beans were $0.50 a bag after coupons and doublers. The steaks were $0.65 and $0.23 after beef coupons and doublers. The zucchini was $0.67 and was bought as a yummy snack time treat for the toddler today. I used a $5 catalina to help pay on the first transaction.


  1. Great Job!
    Did you have the printable for the Wild Harvest? I used mine awhile back and I haven't seen them reset, have they?


  2. Where do you find beef coupons?

  3. I've had a lot of luck finding them in-store, but have heard some stores are keeping them behind the butcher's counter for people who order that way. Wouldn't hurt to ask.

  4. "In-store" - what exactly does that mean? In the meat department? On a tear pad? In a booklet? Thanks!

  5. Jeannette- they are about the size of a regular bookmark and black with a picture of steaks on the front. Everytime I've found them it's been in the meat department...sometimes scattered on the meat packages (they looked like they were part of the package) and sometimes in a display or piled on top of the butcher's counter. I hope you all can find them- they expire at the end of the month!