Saturday, August 15, 2009

Albertsons: Post Select Cereal moneymaker!

There will be three doubler coupons in the paper tomorrow, making this already great deal on Post Selects cereal amazing! If you like this cereal (or think you might like it)- you'll want to buy it this week. (Must be a variety of the "Post Select" type...don't mistake it for select post cereals or you won't get the catalina!) The details:

Buy 4 boxes Post Selects cereal at $2.50 each= $10
$4 will come off instantly for the promo
use two $1 off 2 coupons from last week's paper
use two doubler coupons from the Albies flyer this Sunday
Pay $2 out-of-pocket, and get a $3 catalina= BETTER THAN FREE CEREAL!

Even if you don't eat this kind of cereal, you should consider picking some up as a donation item. No coupons? You'll still get the $4 instant discount and $3 catalina, making your net cost $3 for 4 boxes...that's not great but maybe still worth it to someone?


  1. Until I started couponing a few weeks ago, I would have thought $3 for 4 boxes was fantastic!! LOL! =) Thanks for the heads up - I love the Post Selects Cereals!

  2. Good morning! Can you tell me where to look for the $1/2 from last week's paper? I can't seem to find it in my not-fully-organized-yet stack...

  3. Shawn, I couldn't seem to find it in mine (I bought the Tacoma paper last week) but there should also be coupons in the 7/26 paper as well (an insert I can't seem to locate...I'm very disorganized at the moment!). I do hope you'll able to find it, I *think* it should be in the Super Saver?

  4. It was in the 7/26 Smartsource, not sure where it was in last week's paper?? I just did this deal tonight - worked out so well! Here I was thinking I got them for $.25/each (when I was in the store), but I guess I got them for free? Cool! I'm still working out the details of how much I spent! I wasn't too organized going in. :) Did my big Kraft promo, too! Lots of cheese!