Wednesday, August 26, 2009

QFC: Avocados, pasta, and a few neat finds

$11.01 spent, $15.60 saved (58%)
I'm doing tacos tonight, so I figured I better get some $.50 avocados today and save the rest of my coupons for free avocados at Albies on Sunday. Since QFC is close, I headed there. The Van de Kamps fish was on clearance for $2.14 each from $6 something. The olives were $1 which is an okay price. The Barilla Piccolino was $1 a box, and I used $.50 coupons from a recent insert on those. Lettuce was $1.49 a head. The Spray and Wash stick was on clearance for $1.14 and had a $.50 peelie attached. I had free item coupons for the batteries and the Snickers bar.

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